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Hey, I've been telling guys for a while that I thought they should go there if they wanted to try to find "dates". I also think that the willingness of a bunch of Pussycat girls to even step foot into a "no holes barred" party like ASSCon shows the "State of the Union" as far as what's going on down at PCL.
I can contribute something to this thread.
I dont know much about strippers or anything regarding their earnings, but I recently had a session with a known stripper/dancer. She doesnt advertise her provider services, nor wishes to do so because she doesnt want to hurt her dancing career.(thats how I took it.)
I questioned her about dancing..what do I know. She claims on a good night, she can take in 1200 bucks.....I find this hard to believe, but she charges me very reasonable rates, better than most providers, so why would she lie I figure.(Im naive when it comes to strippers, like I said, what do I know)
Thats some income for a 6-8 hour shift. Wow. And thats only lap dances, no sex.(so she claimed)
no. she doesnt post. but Im impressed that a stripper can haul in that kind of money if its true on one night.(its hard for me to believe, thats some income. She has a nice body, but shes not 18.)
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Originally posted by slinkybender
So, just so I understand it: she can make $1,200 in a nite, but instead she'd rather spend 1/2 a day sucking your dick for $500?
I dont understand this either. This is a question I put forth to her.
Why see a client for sex, if theres an easier way to make money(half day of dicksuckin runs me around 7)
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Slinky you are right on about the Pussycat Lounge, even down to the figures. I haven't worked there in about seven years but averaged a little under 150 a shift there. (Obviously no outside work) but I'd say back then well over half the girls did outside work. It was nothing for me to be having a conversation in the changing room with a girl who'd say I'll be back in fifteen minutes, I am just gonna go jerk this guy off in his car and I'll be right back. I read somewhere they have bands playing there now. Hard to beleive.
Making money in LI

I have been dance the majority of the years in Long Island
and I have a house in Missouri, I usually go out there to
relax and take a break from the New York scene and
kind out kick back to nature, but sometimes I will occasionally
work at a club out there that is pretty popular, the economy
out there is different from New York, the set up for the club
scene is pretty much the same, and believe it or not when
I come into town I never see less than five hundred a night,
(but remember I come from out of town like a feature)
the average dancer makes about three hundred. I think the
reason is because the clubs are at least forty minutes apart
from each other because it is in country (meaning alot of land
space) In NY there a strip club 15 minutes away in every
direction. Over population of a cash industry, so only the
strong survive, and only the wise profits, and the rise
is the trickle down theory to the girls that are weak.

As far as the leaving with the customers I have never
left the club to go make money outside real quick, but
that is because I am focused if I am in the club I am going to
work until my shift is over. I never thought about having
outside relations with customers until I moved up to
level 2 ( Sexual Entertainer); and that came with the idea
of the website, I am just keeping it real I know if I run
an adult website and consider myself Virtual -Reality I am
going to have to make personal appearences, but as always
my thoughts are organized there are level to interactive
entertainment. I feel really comfortable at the level of service
that I give, I am in between stripper and escort. Stripper
I feel are confined to alot of rules, and I don't want to burn
myself out as an escort. My mean objective is my research
about Sex and an Out of Body Experience, so because I
am willing to take participants at different levels to experiment
with, to see if my theory is validate.

Grant: I know you hold on to your money like a life line, so
I know that no matter where you work you are going to
make it work for you. If more girlz had a head on their
shoulders like you, the complaints would be down and
there sex drive would be up.

Where does that put me I feature in clubs out of state make
in club appearances in NY, do sexual entertainment at an
adult play ground, and is planning a meals on wheel program
to study my research more in depth ( action on the road) and
I am getting another office as a base for my website endeavor.

I see that things are catagorized as clean and dirty, strippers,
sexual entertainers, and escorts. My actions are clean, my
thoughts are dirty, and I guess you can say I do a little of
everything. So I guess I am just S.I.Nful "7"
Originally posted by slinkybender
Well, there's one obvious answer.............
Wouldnt it be a great ego boost if she really loved my dick.
Shit, the answer is obvious.(but why should I care, the dick sucking is very good)


homo economicus
This could be taken as insulting, but I really mean as a tremendous compliment:

Sinful7's language reads to me like the yin to Iceberg Slim's yang.
This salary thing could be argued forever and ever. We should probably have an entire separate thread for it, but oh well.

I've known very few dancers who pull in $1200 on a regular basis, probably less than 5%of all the ones I've met over the years. I'd say I'm a pretty average money maker at my club and that's the best night I've ever had there. And it was only because I got lucky and had a generous customer in the champagne room for three hours. I've had plenty of nights where I've busted my buns working the floor to get dances, been dancing all night, taking my dress off and on, over and over again, and made half that much. And an average night for me is even less than that. I've heard that the whole stripping as a gold mine thing was really in its hay day about 7-8 years ago. The last couple of years have been a lot less lucritive for all of us, even the big earners. I noticed that things seemed to get particularly more difficult and less consistent sometime last fall.
As far as the stage tip thing is concerned, I don't think that making around $150 a night seems all that absurd. When I danced at Paradise club I typically made around $20 for each set I did on stage. And as anyone knows the crowd there is usually not generous. If you had a few stage sets throughout the night you could easily pull in over $100. Infact there were many dancers who must have lived solely off this money since I almost never saw them in the dance room or on the bottle list.
Originally posted by Casper
Let's see now, when did the internet start to take off ?
Excellent point. I always attributed our decline in income to other factors such as an influx of new dancers into the bussiness and a dwindling economy.
7 and the Pimp

Originally posted by justme
This could be taken as insulting, but I really mean as a tremendous compliment:

Sinful7's language reads to me like the yin to Iceberg Slim's yang.
I can tell you how I fell out when I read this I mean LOL
can't descibe my reaction. I went through this phase when I
read alot of the late 60 and 70 black books on street life,
and I read the book by Iceberg Slim "The Pimp", and
there so much he contribute to the game that we forget
about sometimes, He came up with the phrase "Down Bitch"
now it in rap song, when I stripper get the first dance of the
day it called "Breaking the Luck" still. This proves something
to ideas out live people.

But the Yin & Yang just set it off epscially since I just moved
into a cottage and it completely decorated from the principles
of Feng Shui, Chinese year sign thing I am Fire-Snake so when
I move here I made sure that the direction of my house
and the 5 elements of earth is balanced, and I know this
sounds crazy but I real feel as it my central energy in my
home is nuetral when I walk through the door from outside
there a mirror there to reflect negative energy, back out.

All I can say is that the quote is HOT!, I feel like I beginning
to show clearity in how I state my thoughts; that is cool how pick up on my essence, from a few statements I gues that
proves my word is my bond....and I need to be able to state
my ideas clearly for my idependent research on Sex being
mind altering.
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