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Something just occured to me, has anybody else noticed that goth has changed the topic of this thread from Taylor Li being a wacko to another well known escort, Pam, alledgedly telling unsavory details about her clients to other clients?

Sorry, but that's not the Pam I knew.
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Thanks HP, but I ain't buying any of the BS that goth is trying to sell here. Everything that goth has posted so far could have been gleaned off of different boards.
Funny!! And this is coming from someone who can turn any simple thread into a pissing match.... here we go again. Yeah okay believe whatever you want.


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Since he is so quick to defend her, I just want him to know that every one of them talk. He seemed to think that I don't know Pam. Well think again.
take care of yourself too
Like I said, that point was made, the rest was rubbing it in. I think I hear the sound of an axe being ground- watch out for the sparks!
take care
And No, not trying to change subject here. As far as I'm concerned, and I don't know TL myself, She still seems like a Wacko to me. Don't tell me that next thing you gonna say is that I am Taylor Li...
Pay attention Phantom, the reason why I even brought Pam into this thread is that I read someone mentioned about diaper... Yeah you heard me... DIAPER. And then you came here and say that I'm trying to tarnish her image??? She doesn't talk about other clients and all that BS?
I'm out of this thread... you are fucking unbelievable.
don't know how much she could talk what with the way she liked her mouth stuffed all the time. but to tell you the truth....she could have been telling me top secret stuff and i wouldn't have heard a word she said. while she was sucking, a bomb could have gone off and i wouldn't have noticed.
I wonder if the queen of iceland is a good provider

I wonder if the queen of iceland is a good provider ?

Boy was this thread enjoyable .

MM mm good

that why I stick to amp


I am just back from a wonderful vacation and found this thread to be the most amusing thread of the century. I lived through that time with many of you here and remember it well. Mostly with disgust. This was funny. ML your posts are priceless and I sincerely hope that we can meet some day. Good luck with the bambino.
Hey, Tucker...

I don't know if you remember, but I made a promise back then.

Not there yet, but working on it.

BTW, I have long known that many Playmates, lingerie models, Pets, etc. got into the biz, but Taylor is the first time I am aware of a well known escort being invited to pose. A reversal of the usual trend.



Just another girl on the IRT
And not to beat a dead horse, but where do you suppose a woman as creepy as Taylor Li could be found in her off hours?

<b></b></font><p><font face="verdana, arial, helvetica" size="2" >If you guessed <a href="http://www.creepcon.com" target="_blank">a creep convention</a>,* you win an autographed copy of this thread....</font>
*Be sure to click on "Premier Guests" and scroll down for "Remy Marks."

P.S. Of course, for all I know, that's where she finds her most appreciative clients.

Virgil from the old WWF! i was wondering what happened to him. being the million dollar mans (ted d'biasi) lacky was his best role.
"Remy Marks" is a bit too close to "Remy Martin" for my taste. Looks like a service mark and/or trademark infringement case to me.

She's pretty cute though and looks like she would have been loads of fun to cornhole. My salute to all who ventured without getting bitten.
An amusing thread? I think not. I'm outta here too. Sorry Slinky, ( i know you don't care tho) i just had to remove my link to this site. I don't like censorship either, but this board goes way too far when it comes to hurting people's feelings and sometimes it is logically necessary.
Nobody (escort or client) should have to come here and read this crap about themselves unless they're a fucking murderer.
" Poor Taylor' is all i can say. I feel bad for her and other's who are trashed here this way. Glad you find this so entertaining Tucker, you'd feel different i'm sure if it was you they were trashing. Nice bunch . .
Bill F, please email me, need to tell you something very important. Love, Jen

do they not trash anyone over on tbd? of course they do....because they're all fucking hypocrites.

don't let the door........

oh forget it....besides, neversoft would only end up e-mailing me anyway.

and to the rest of you FH's....when you say you're leaving.........LEAVE!
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Very rarely do you see a woman get trashed on boards. When they do get trashed, there is usually a good reason for it that emerges as those persons who have relevant information tell their tale.

As I understand it, the charge in Taylor's case was publicly outing a client by posting their real names because such client had annoyed her in some way - not because they had physically harmed her or stolen money from her. It was never a matter of merely providing poor or over-priced services. That is not why she is being trashed.

Since johns do not post the real names, addresses, home phone numbers, etc. of sex workers (which everyone recognizes would be unfair and "evil" to do), Taylor has been pilloried as punishment.

That being the case, I do not see the need for your over-reaction.

Best regards,

Judge Crater
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