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I know this is a jersey post area, and it's my first. I've decided to go see Taylor Li in Philly. Anyone else been there ? It'll be by far the most I've spent on a provider, so I'm hoping for some good reviews.


Just another girl on the IRT
The book says:

Partly deaf, partly Vietnamese, partly insane.

What more could a guy want?

(BTW, that same book mentions her tendency to fly off the handle and out clients that offend her.)

(Oh yes, one more thing. Remember to go for the *. She likes that.)
a x-mas gift from Oz........

first off....

ditto Aristotle......

except for the "partly insane" part....(mostly insane)

now for the gift.....a rare review by yours truly....

Taylor Li : 09/18/2000 Atlantic City NJ.

I had originally scheduled an appointment for a sat afyrtnoon in philly. I called her on Thursday to see if I could see her on Friday night as well since I would be in AC. So I she tells me that she just so happens to have an appointment in AC for late on a Friday evening but would meet for dinner if I wanted. so we agree to have just a quick dinner before her other appointment. So we had dinner and bullshitted till she had to leave for her appoint. it’s like 9:30 at this point and she had an 11:00 appointment two hotels over so she leaves and we agree to see each other tomorrow. Well she calls me on my cell 30 min. later and tells me that her client just canceled last minute and she wanted to “play” I’m like play what? Blackjack? so she says a little of both…she comes back to my hotel and we meet in the casino and play a little bj (that’s black jack guys) for an hr or so then it’s time to head upstairs. now I’m looking at her ass the whole time were walking to the elevator cause it is nice, actually it's smokin. once in the elevator she starts kissing and groping. We get inside my room and she immediately gets on her knees (very good girl) she gives some very *inspired* head for about 10-15 minutes before I lift her and walk her to the bed. It only gets better there and she does throw a good bang (covered). but for round two she rolls over and says those magic words (you gotta love that she's such a naughty little bitch)…so i'm looking down at her open ass and now the thought on bigdog pops in my head (don’t ask why) but I give her what she wants and she wants it hard too. Guess all those reports were right when they said she really digs anal sex big time. And those squeals she made kind of reminded me of the Vietnamese hooker in full metal jacket (“me so horny, me love you long time”)…..ok, she doesn’t really sound like that, sorry but I couldn’t resist. Still, it was still a huge turn on to hear her squawk like that. Anyway we finished up and she left, I asked her to stay, but no dice for a new client like me. We did agree to see each other for breakfast and some more noon time fun on Saturday. Maybe would have extended the time, but I needed to get back to ny in a hurry. final analysis......bbbj 8.5 will do tc and it would have made it better, but we did other things. Sex was a 9…. she really can move around, greek a 10. hey, I finally got to nail a bigdog fav where the sun don’t shine. Too bad it’s a road plowed many times before. looks 8.5…. a 10 for an Asian girl, body is a 9, nice tan lines and belly ring, tits 7.5 fake, very nice looking but a few hard spots, the ass.....perfect what can i say...you have to give credit where credits due. all in all i can see what they all see in her but she has those wacko eyes once you get those sunglasses off. Scared me a few times as you have to watch your every step and word around psychos like her. over all an unbiased 9 for taylor li.

go forth with extreme caution, and as Aristotle says....she really enjoys outing clients who even tend to slightly to piss her off.

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ditto oz!

I, too, have had several wonderous rendez-vous with Taylor but agree with the "wacko" viewpoint. Then again, if you watch your step, it's fun to play Michael Douglas in Fatal Attaction.

If I were, you, mk67105. I'd go for it... but be careful.


did i disappoint?

what did you expect to hear from me?

there is a whole thread here on miss Li with plenty of warnings about her past problems on the board.....but keep in mind that she is a bigdog favorite and a certified WACKO


My experience with Taylor was much the same as Oz, except for the "wacko" ( you are so talented with the fonts,Oz) part. I did not make contact with her "wacko eyes", in fact she never wore sunglasses at all. I found her to be intelligent, funny,at times sweet and of course lots of fun in bed. As for her outing of clients, I dont know, guess I didnt piss her off :).
You buy the ticket, you take the ride.
take care

I expected to read exactly what I read

We've had Taylor Li discussions elsewhere (tho I was under another name) and I KNEW you would chime in. Of course, that is not a stretch since you do have opinions on everything. Knew you wouldn't disappoint.
she outs clients usually every other thursday between the hours of 4-7 pm and usually on TBD philly board.

only kidding......but there are at least two people here on UG she's outed or attempted to out.
I hate liars

I find the obvious lies and fabricated review by Ozzy about disgusting and cowardly. The fake review about a meeting that never happened, the false accusation of outing, and the part about a wacko are just untrue.

Ozzy review is obviously fake. The fabrications include but are not limited to: Taylor visits Center City Philadelphia only and did not visit anyone in Atlantic City in either 2000 or 2001. Second, she does gamble, but there is only one game she even knows how to play and it is not black jack.
Ozzy, with 2126 posts you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Are you a kid? Unemployed? It seems you had enough time to do some research and lift some material from other legitimate reviews about Taylor. Had to do this because you have never met her.

I have met her for extended visits on several occasions and she has beautiful eyes that sparkle with laughter. She is highly intelligent and has a sharp sense of wit and a strong business sense. A great example of this is the awesome web site she has...the best one I have seen for this hobby. Finally, my experience has always lived up to the reviews that I have seen. Consistently among the best in this hobby.

Further, although she does not take getting screwed over lightly (neither do I), she has never, ever outed a client. If you disagree, please provide evidence. This and the wacko thing were falsehoods originated by a poster on TBD known as Spanky who was stalking Taylor, Morgan, Shauna and a few other area escorts. He threated bad press if the girls would not see him for free. Most did not so he started rumores like this about each of these girls. He was banned for life from TBD for the extortion and has been relegated to ranting on JAG since any provider that knows of his stalking will not see him now. I suspect he is one of the posters of the lies above.

Further evidence of what a great time Taylor is can be found all over TBD, the Fox Files, The Erotic Review and a number of other credible sources. Forgive the rant, I just hate it when cowardly liers try to hurt someone out of jealousy, bruised ego or other sick reasons.

I hope that mk67105 visits with her and reports back. I bet anyone a nice dinner "crazed wacko" is not in his review.
I finally get it...why Ozzy has some much time. Are you the stalker formerly known as Spanky?? I heard a rumor about you... that you lost your medical liscense for self perscribling. That along with the fact that providers will not see you would explain why you have the time for over 2100 posts.

Oh yeah, caught you in another lie. If you knew Taylor, you would know that she almost never posts. Please provide a link to one post she has made on TBD that has anything to do with outing a client or shows this wacko nature. Provide one link anywhere to support your alse assertions. If she is a wacko, surely you have plenty of ranting posts that you can reference to back your lies up.

You lying, cowardly sack of sh...... You make me want to puke.

but just so YOU know.....she posted not only spanky's real name, but his address, city and town on the bigdog philly board. since it was left there for a long while before it was deleted....MANY people here saw it and know of it. whether he stalked anyone or not is not for me to judge as i only know what *I* saw written on that board. and shauna, morgan and a few others were involved in what became known as the start of the downfall of TBD. morgan proceeded to post a rant on spanky and then suggested that "her daddy, Mr castillano" (a refrence to a dead mafia boss?) would surly take care of anyone who threatened or hurt his little girl.

fucking puhleeeze, if your here to defend this gangster wanna-be bunch...take it elsewhere.

and i gave her a 9....

imagine if i gave her a 3.

btw.....she does gamble, but there is only one game she even knows how to play and it is not black jack. ......

yea, counting to 21 is tough.

i betcha she's looking thru her appointment book as we speak trying to figure out who's name to throw out on tbd tomorrow....

save it, cause i covered that.

Where are your links of wacko outing posts made by Taylor??? I am waiting you lying little perv. Its gonna be hard to back up your lies.

PS. I have been watching you and know the other names you use on this board and other places as well. In fact, I know all your names, dogshit. I just finally got fed up with your dishonesty and efforts to hurt people cause you are a miserable little weasel wanker yourself.

It is your day in Court. Prove yourself or cop to your lies and maybe you won't be drummed off this board as well... Then again maybe you will.

The best that you can do is whatever???? Weak ass sob. You are even a bad liar. I did not think you had anything to back up your lies.
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