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Since this thread is going to take on new importance here, I thought I'd note that a lot of people misunderstood my use of the word "troll" in an early post.

"Troll" is old usenet lingo for someone who comes to a discussion group, usually under a fake identity, for the purpose of stirring trouble by posting things at odds with the group's basic assumptions.

(It isn't, as some people seemed to think, any kind of reference to physical appearance.)

If I were my friend Ozzy, I'd start crowing about how right I was.


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You mean the part when he said, "It's not Talula?"

(I can't believe that the word 'troll' has to be defined on an Internet board. What's next, spam, flame?)
the point is.... i think two people are posting as talula and jb/tomates. i'm still not sure it's all madison but rather two people who are sharing an AOL screen name (laylu) and UG screen names. this one's still to early to call. i don't doubt that talula and JB are the same person.... but i don't think those posts were written by a woman (madison). i do think tomates was written by madison.

i can understand madison coming on UG and writting a fake review of herself (tommates)..... but why would she come and cause all this trouble as talula/jb and stonedkitty? there is definitely a man behind a bunch of those posts.
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