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... if a client asks "what can I do for you?" I know I'm going to have a great and lonnnnnng session and 2 or 3 hours with him will fly by!
I like this approach! I will say something along those lines to the very next woman that I spend some time with, although I don't think it will work for most fellows.

My objective is to get what I want from the lady with maximum effort on her part. I think it is easier if she is viewing it as paid fun-time. This works for me but "mileage may vary..."

I agree with you again on this one, but have had some different experiences on it. First off, most people that you kiss have kissed other people, and have had sex with other people regardless of whether they are a provider or not. Most people are not virgins when you first meet them.

The majority of my hobbying experience has been going to an MP for a one hour massage and nice HR. I have had a few FS appointments with independent providers, but for the most part I am an MP guy. The FS sessions I have had have been fairly business like and professional. Although I have had enjoyed those sessions, there was no kissing at all, and it was not a GFE type encounter.

It was only when I encountered this board that I learned of GFE and DFK. I thought it was a golden rule that provider's do not kiss, and I did not have any interest in kissing based on the issues you posted above. I did go to an MP that I had found on this board, and the experience was incredibly romantic and sensual.

It was only a massage with HR, it was not FS, but it was extremely sensual, and I was so turned on that I grabbed the girl I was with and we did some very intense DFK. I may have been the 100th guy that she kissed that day, but it was so erotic, and I was so turned on, that the DFK was a natural progression. The resulting HR was one of the most intense and satisfying experiences that I have had. You can check a full review and description of this session if you want under the thread "Red Square."

You do make some valid points and concerns, but in the heat of the moment I am going to take the DFK if it is there.

Betty and Anjelika;

What can I do for you or better yet to you ? :D

All I'm going to say about jennyblondy is thanks for re-tiring. You did both hobbiest and providers a favor by doing so.

Good times
Peace out
I don't think she is a troll and I agree with Justlooking. Jennyblondie's posts are first rate because they are raw and real. Its rare to see someone share their feelings in such a brutally honest way without any hidden agenda.

Jenny I salute you. I'm sorry you had to do all those things you didn't like, but I would have enjoyed making you do them had I had the good fortune to be a client of yours.
bored bored bored.... hate last min cancellations as well.

Anyhow, shes not the first to speak like that.

I was wondering who she was though. Was that a LI provider?

Tommates is same girl?


You can't handle the truth. fuck U... no one makes me do anything... there lucky I let them out the door... before I get hungry for another pop.
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Originally posted by Tommates
i cant believe most of you people are in complete denial i am not saying that when i used to work i used to be a bitch cause then i wouldnt have a nice car or a condo, but i did have to eat alot of caca because you guys think your so good or that because you pay us we are "suppose" to like it, NOT!!!!! we act like we like it, and the only reason why that other girl said that if she doesnt make a client "POP" a couple of times she feels bad because shes not doing her job right, is because se is a provider that works now and the clients in here know her and it brings business to the girl who said that, but thats the same girl when you leave says "damn im glad hes gone, and he didnt even tip me after he made me do all that"

think whatever you want, i am seaking the truth, whether you want to accept it or not is not my problem, the trth is there, do what you may.

i just turned 35, i have never had a traumatic sexual experience until i worked as a provider
Uhhhh.......BUSTED!!!!! Tommates/jennyblondy, if you are going to post under different names, make sure you are using the right login.
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Thanks Jseah - you beat me to it by about 2 minutes. So depending on which handle you believe - who IS this person?? Is it Jenny, the bitter 35 year old ex-Provider?? Or is it the "guy" who mentions his "wife" in the Madison Aprils thread?? Or is it a current provider doing some self promotion?? Gotta love the other thread where he/she backs HIM/HER SELF
when i first read the "Madison of Aprils" thread the first thing that popped into my head was that it was a girl. i at first thought madison was signing on on her own to promote herself thru fake reviews....(something that won't make April very happy), but now i don't think thats the case.....

i still think Tommates is a woman.
Its obviously the same person(s). Slinky can probably tell us if its the same IP address although I like to think he does not publicize that kind on information.

I'll stick with my above assessment. The sentiments expressed by jennyblondie/tommates on this thread are real. I don't think anyone, much less any guy, could fake it that well. If he did, he is a genius and anyone that smart wouldn't mix up thier moniker. I also agree that the Madison April's review thread is a fake review written by the same women or, more llikely two current/former escorts having some fun/venting on this lovely Sunday afternoon.
Originally posted by panzerhund
maybe its Pat
You made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself.

Poor kid has some big issues going on, please seek help before you hurt yourself. Jenny/Tommatoes or whatever, do not rage on us or our men, it doesn't matter if they want us to walk with them while they parade up and down City Hall wearing a leather mini and skimpy top, they are the ones taking care of us and we are all adults well aware of what we are choosing to do, so do not speak for me. And yes honey whether you like it or not, I will repeat again I do love pleasing the men I spend time with and being pleased, I don't need to bs for props and if it felt like a job or a hassle I wouldn't be doing it, that's the difference between a played out *** like you and us, so either join the family or be gone.

Girl/boy save the sexual guilt for bible class because in here we discuss everything honestly and openly. What are you one of those women/men that can't cum correct unless they are married or do you just have some kind of sexual dysfunction perhaps a sexual phobia?

Right now in your time of need, although you may not know it, I will pray that the Lord may comfort and bless you child.
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Originally posted by Ozzy
so what was it that he/she said as 'tommates' that outed themselves as 'jennyblondie'?
he/she posted in his/her jennyblondy persona (35 y/o retired provider), but under the member name Tommates (?? y/o hobbyist). he/she tried to edit out the post (see DannyNJ's post), but the original post still remains in my post (the "quote" function is a wonderful thing).
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