Open note to one of the boys........

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#1 a public service announcement.

There's one of ya'll who's struck me as a real sick puppy.

It's not in your best interest, friend, to demand BBBJTC to the ladies in emails before you schedule dates.

As anonymous as we would hope this 'hobby' is, it isn't. Lots of the girls have male buddies who hear everything.

Play nice, be a gentleman, or continue the risk of being blackballed by the girls. They talk, they compare notes. You're earning a pretty horrible reputation.

Just a word to the wise.


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Big public service announcement, but not for the reason you think. The real message here is that it's obvious that the "confidentiality" that is always promised doesn't exist.

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"A" ????????

Just because you have traded a few pokes in the ribs with someone on the internet a few times, don't think you have any real idea who they are. I'm sure there's more than a few on these boards ( inlcuding here ) who have more than one screw loose.
Re: Re: AND....why is one's deviations acceptable,

Originally posted by Ozzy
Originally posted by Tankcommander
and another's not?

it's not just that tank......

it's the demanding part that seperates this guy from the rest.

The person I'm trying to communicate with, without using his handle, clearly needs professional help. Stalking, overly demanding, all kinds of stuff.


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Originally posted by slinkybender
"A" ????????

Just because you have traded a few pokes in the ribs with someone on the internet a few times, don't think you have any real idea who they are. I'm sure there's more than a few on these boards ( inlcuding here ) who have more than one screw loose.
and, a few with their screws TOO TIGHT ......
OETT: Can we assume that the person in question posts here but does not allow direct email responses to his posts? Otherwise, why don't you simply send him a private email message and warn him off directly?

Also, while we're on the subject of public service announcements, how about outing yourself a little -- how is it that you have a) access to the particulars of this situation and b) have factual knowledge that other providers have circulated/shared information about this individual?
Demanding is a little different,

If it puts others at risk of bodily injury, or coerces someone to do something they do not want to do. My opinion is not to brand that person a sicko, but simply to say that he is posing a serious hazard to the well being of another human being...

In which case, this individual should be exposed in one way or another.


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guys - about confidentiality and providers sharing information, it is much more widespread, and much more dangerous than you might think. there is a "girl group" in los angeles of all the most well known providers (just look at the tbd banners and you can get a partial list!) one of the providers is an aspiring attorney who has access to a database that has all the information about all of us. although i used my business phone and address she was able to get my ss#, home address and lord knows what else. scary huh?
HD, as it has been said......some guys have connections to some of the girls and they hear about the BAD stuff. to out ones self or the girl/s in question isn't fair to them since they did nothing wrong unless you think warning people about a trouble maker is wrong.

true, girls should not go around telling friends about clients or their e-mails, but in this case it's different since this guy seems to have a history of this.
A Word to The Wise

The girls talk amongst themselves. They even meet with other. The other day I found out a fact about myself. A word to the not talk personal shit with these girls unless you want them all to know.
Just to bring up a little different point of view.

I think the reason why the ladies talk to some of the guys they trust is because they don't have anyone else to talk to about their jobs. They can't sit down at the dinner table with their spouse or girlfriend next door and talk about the session they had last night. On the other hand, we (the swinging penise's, well some swing and some don't) have all sorts of forums to discuss our hobby.

I'll give you one good reason why there never will be complete confidentiality. When the provider has a session, she must let someone know whom she is going to be with, where they are going, and when she should be back for her own safety.

TNS - I think you should try to contact the guy directly and let him know that he was intimidating one of the ladies. The guys on this board are pretty cool. We may not all agree with each other but I think respect is common around here. If you can, e-mail the guy. He may not even know that he is intimidating to the ladies. Hopefully he will take the information well and change his ways.
MR. tucker.....

You found out a fact about yourself??

Did you already know this fact or was it new information??

rnb..busting chops on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.

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i think this case was more about a girl more or less being concerned for her safety than it was blabbing anything about a session......

some of you guys don't want to hear this, but lets not hang this all on the ladies either. some guys have big fucking mouths too. at least the girls have reasons (safety issues) to ask questions about someone.

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Mr. Rob. (I love the formal titles), I know you are just busting them but I was happy to find out that I like a variety of women. I never knew this about myself, but my checking account knew it. LOL

Mr. One Eyed Trouser Trout--- where the fuck did you pick up that y'all shit. Too many trailer parks in the south?

Ozzy in a serious mood today.
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