The death of any illusions about my sanity

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Hey buddy, I think that post you made right before this one is really great. And I think it outlines why the average prostitue / john relationship is so much more likely to be a failure than an average relationship.
I think your right - but it’s also the reason why your relationship wasn't.

I wrote it as an add on to the post before that one which was a response to ezzi707 asking for perspective on his relationship. Prospectively its great to say, "Yeah, provider/john relationships beyond the professional one are a bad idea". But I don't think many of the people who find themselves with the possibility decided ahead of time that was how they were going to find a partner (not too many anyway.) But when men and women get together (especially close together) shit happens. So I don't know that the statistics are going to be helpful at that point.
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Rumours of the death of the English language are greatly exaggerated

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If I were a pedantic guy, I'd point out that he said "a foolish consistency".
Actually, it's a beeg difference.

Didactically yours,
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Judge Crater Pierces the Void in an Anti-Matter Expirement: Update

(True to her word, Edna went first thing this morning to go see the private investigator. She's so helpful. She asked whether the lawnmower needed any gasoline and took the gasoline can out of the garage so that she can have it filled up on the way home. She kissed me as she left on her errands and punched me twice in the stomach. I've never felt so in love. Marta went with her to help lift and carry things.)

(Rolf wet the sofa mattress in the den. He cried awfully. Edna told me that his parents abandoned him unsuccessfully in the subway three times at the age of 3 before they were finally able to shake him loose. He's got enormous self-esteem problems. He was insatiable last night.)

(The children were a little upset what with all the comings and goings last night. Rolf gave them injections last night to help them sleep and again this morning. That seemed to help. I dropped them both off at school wearing RayBans. My 8 year old daughter insisted on wearing one of Edna's bustiers. I think that's a good sign. It shows that they are truly bonding. My 3 year old son wasn't clingy at all when I took him into nursery school. He took a nap instead.)

(My wife is absolutely ecstatic after successfully servicing 127 men yesterday. She walks with a new confidence. We are closing closer as well. Even though she was busy working until 4 in the morning, she says she feels completely rested. I thought it would take some getting used to having my wife service strange men in our bedroom, but I found that it didn't bother me at all. I fell asleep to the gentle constant thud of different footsteps going up and down the stairs.)

(Edna's done a lot for my relationship with my wife. She's taught me to look at things like sexual jealousy in a completely new way. I've recognized and learned to respect the power of women.)

(Our life is getting better and better each day.)

(I wonder how we'll feel tonight when we get home from our first day of being gang banged.)
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through the harsh reality that is this life ,it is nice to see that there are careing people who are intrested in others , and are willing to look at others lot in life , in a fair and nonjudgemental way. i have been told many times that it will either fall in place or will fall away , and to give time and space and all will come to you . these are very nice sayings ,but they don't ease the pain or the anxiety , , but the words written here do give some solace

please for give the spelling , 12 yrs of collage , and i still can't spell. my mother is always rolling in her grave , i hope it is with laughter

Thanks guys. I'm glad you like it.

I think of this series of posts as a sort of public health message and counterweight to some of the stunning exercises in self-hypnosis I am witnessing.

Best, etc.

Judge Crater


Kids, don't try this at home
Originally posted by Judge Crater

I think of this series of posts as a sort of public health message and counterweight to some of the stunning exercises in self-hypnosis I am witnessing.
jm, at the count of 3, you will wake up and feel well rested and extremely cynical.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Judge Crater Pierces the Void in an Anti-Matter Expirement: Update

(Edna and Marta achieved their breakthrough moments at the Our Lady of Perpetual Quesiness Gang Bang Fundraiser this afternoon. Each completed having sex with their Ten Thousandth Man just moments apart from one another.)

(Although I was momentarily annoyed at Edna for having lead me to believe that she was significantly less experienced, I later basked in the glow of her accomplishment and blushed upon realizing that I had assisted her in obtaining the self-realization she has been seeking for so long.)

(Upon completion of the sexual act with their Ten Thousandth Men, Edna and Marta each grew bright white wings out of their backs and began to float like hummingbirds above the 50 yard line at the football stadium.)

(Out of the sheer abundance of the joy they felt, Edna and Marta flew far above us and then swooped down low quickly to shit twice on the heads of the men who had been their Ten Thousandth customer served.)

(I was humbled. I was awed. I witnessed the birth of the transformed beings now known to me only as Goddess Edna and Goddess Marta.)

(Because they constantly hover three feet above the ground and cannot walk on the ground anymore like normal people, we went to a sporting goods store afterwards and bought them lead boots to wear.)

(This, I think, will help them "fit in" better when getting served in restaurants and waiting on lines in supermarkets and other such places. Goddesses attract far too much attention.)

(To symbolize their achievement, Goddess Edna and Goddess Marta have adopted Catholic Girl School uniforms (cute little dark plaid jumpers with white blouses and dark blue bowties) as the only clothes now worthy of them. I can't wait to get my own Catholic Boy School uniform (blue pants, white shirt and blue tie with embroidered white letters). Goddess Edna promised me I would get to wear one when I become transformed like her.)

(My first day was a lot less spectacular. I was only able to service 513 men, and had this nagging worry that I was letting the parish down. Luckily, all my best friends in town came out to the stadium to support me. My mailman and high school algebra teacher both got on line three times. Even the guys I thought were my enemies came out to support me. You always find out who your friends are when you really need them.)

(I thought it might hurt a little when I first assumed the position on the 50 yard line at the stadium, but Rolf assured me that I'd be fine and told me to just relax. So I did. The sphincter stretches to fit all sizes, Rolf told me. He's right.)

(I didn't realize how popular my wife is in town. She had 1,418 customers today. She's never felt better, she said, and can't wait to get back to the stadium tomorrow and every other day this week. She even made dinner when we got home and cleaned up after it all by herself on account of Goddess Edna's and Goddess Marta's new status.)

(We had our first family spat earlier this evening. Goddess Edna and Goddess Marta wanted to watch professional wrestling while Rolf, my wife and me wanted to watch the news. We took a vote and the majority ruled. It was touching and heartwarming to be part of that. We all felt so close afterwards.)

(Rolf continues to show his real knack for getting along with children. He took charge of giving the kids baths tonight and put them to sleep. Not a peep out of them. Their were out as soon as their heads hit the pillow. It was cute. They both wore their RayBans to sleep.)

(We saw a disturbing piece on the news tonight about my private investigator. I seems he committed suicide this morning at his office by tying himself in a chair, pouring gasoline over his head and lighting a match. I didn't know he was so depressed. I should have said something to him. Who knows, I might have been able to help.)

(I hope Rolf doesn't wet the bed again. If he does, though, I'll understand. He's under a tremendous amount of strain being responsible for all the money that's being collected. Poor guy. I'll try to be extra nice to him tonight.)
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