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The Concord

Originally posted by MrSteve
There was a similar type bar on east 30th or 29th street on Lexington , I believe.

greyfox writes:
The Concord.On the east side of Lex,on a slight incline.>

Yes , The Concord, my mistake Greyfox thanks for the correction. I also remember a hotel near the Concord so I imagine the providers would work out there. There was also a short stay rate @ a hotel called The Seton on the east side, I believe on 40th street. What I never understood about short stay rates ..who would want to check in and sleep for just an hour or two. <g>

That east side area had some decent topless bars back in the day also. A bit further up they had one club called the Adam & Eve and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.
I'm new here, and I'm glad someone resurected this old thread, I wouldn't
have come across it otherwise. I was a fan of Diamoond Lil's, There was a kid named Kelly that was a blast.
Does anyone else remember the night shift bartender (Susie ?) , a tiny girl with a perfect bod and frequently a great tan. Still bartends, as of a year ago (WWW in Brooklyn). Never danced, AFAIK. We always tried to get her up on stage. In the same timeframe Baby Doll Lounge was a cool place to hang out.

There are two places I knew that nobody has ever mentioned, anywhere. If they had names I don't recall them;

The first place was a noname bar on the SW corner of 5th St and 2nd Ave, ground floor. You entered via an anonymous door on 5th st. On a good day there were lots of neekid girls scooting their buns along a narrow raised stage withing easy reach of the the row of us guys. SOrt of like a wine tasting. There was a pool table, topless pool was popular. There were two back rooms with mattresses. The house got $5 and everything else was negotiated. There was never any obvious security, the place was either open or is wasn't. I always had the idea that the bartenders were off-duty cops. In the 70's it could happen. The
building is still there, and the room is now a pretensious resteraunt named "Sin".

I may have gone there as early as 1975.
I was shown the place (my first live nuddie place of any sort) by a work buddy, and after that started to look at strange bars in a whole new light. I quickly found Melody (and it's descendants) , Baby Doll, and Billy's. Most recently Pussycat Lounge
was the only regular hangout, esp since Billy's closed.

The other place was a corner bar on appx Varick and Spring.
It was about the same as Lil's, lots of willing girls. I was only there there twice before it closed. This was maybe 1979. I think the block has been demolished.

I also was a regular at Mom's
and the topless place in the lobby of the Pierrpoint (or was it St George) hotel
in Brooklyn Heights. Mon's (before they
redecorated and Mom was still there) was an all-time fun place. Now it's Sweet Cherries, I think. Staten Island had some runyonesque places that I could go into but there is probably no one else here that knows them and I can't write as well Damyon, but who can.

I'm away from NYC for the last year. and I follow this board just to see what's happening to Fun City.
Dana(AnnMarie) and Cassie

I remember an incall place, I don't know it's name, but they were originally in the east 30's then they moved to Lex and the high 20's--there was an incredible little hottie named Dana, who later went by Ann Marie. She was friends with another girl there--Cassie, who was also a hot and horny little spinner with red hair. There was also an attractive, thin blonde named Cheryl who was totally shaved--but the other girls hated her. Finally, there was a very tan stunner named Vanessa--total bombshell. Big boobs, playmate body, beautiful brunette.
Ah, The Goat!

Was only there once, but my mind (amongst other things!!) was blown.

Vaguely remember mini mag lites, little cubbies and a line up of women either kneeling or bending over as you made your way to an empty cubby. It was nothing more than 3 trailers put together, if I recall. I believe I got one BJ and one FS, got shitfaced drunk w/ my 3 boys I rolled with and still didn't drop a c-note. Never went back alone cuz I felt "too white" for the place.

Anyone remember the "Alaska Bar" in Canarsie? That was quite the place back in the day....
Lauren's places

Anyone remember Lauren's incall apartments in Brooklyn in the early 70's on Coyle St. in Sheepshead Bay, later moving to Ocean Ave. and Ave. S?
When I was doing jury duty in Brooklyn, I used to hit this place off the Beltway (exit 3 or 4?). Small apartment in a nice building. Decent location, no parking issues usually. Two girl set up. The madam was a friendly, thin, older, long grey-haired gal who was probably very hot in her youth. The girls were often remarkable knockouts, all Hispanic to my knowledge. Offered a drink on entry, never felt rushed. <$$

Later on, a nice little Queens brothel run by Daisy; started off Queens Blvd but moved around Queens a bit before I lost track. Connected somehow to people working off Roosevelt (one visit in that neighborhood was more than enough for me; OK, maybe 2). Also all Hispanic, fresh off the boat, rarely around more than a week or two. <$$

Slinky Bender

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I ran into a very cute 30-ish woman today playing softball. she looked at me sort of funny, and then seemed to get really flustered and upset. I pulled her off to the side and asked her if I said something to upset her, and her answer was that she thought i was going to "tell all her friends about her past". It's only then that I realised she used to streetwalk on 11th Ave in the 20's and I saw her a number of times.

I told her she had nothing to worry about. I wonder if I should have told her about UG?
Overheard Conversation

Originally posted by slinkybender
I told her she had nothing to worry about. I wonder if I should have told her about UG?
Former SW: “Please don’t tell anyone about my past!”
Slinkybender: “You have nothing to worry about. You can trust me. Discretion is my strongest virtue”
Former SW: “Thank you, I feel better now.”
Slinkybender: “You know I got this great PMB and our classified ad rates are very reasonable.”
greetings from Mick (memory lane)

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the fond memories. My frog collection has dwindled somewhat! Ah yes, those were the good old days.

Re: greetings from Mick (memory lane)

Originally posted by persephone
Hello everyone,

Thanks for the fond memories. My frog collection has dwindled somewhat! Ah yes, those were the good old days.

mick, i love you.

you would remember me from the old days, but not because i was a stud.
Another Townhouse alum rears her sexy head.

I recently was cleaning out my desk drawer and found the slip of paper I used to keep the names of TH girls I wanted to do. Mick's name was on top. At the time I worked down the block and went at least once a week.

I am sure I went through the entire list.

Nice to hear from you.
Wow! Mick is that really you?

To Persephone/Mick-

Several of us, including myself, discussed you about a year and a half ago on this thread. If this is truly you and not an imposter, you should know that you are truly a classic, a truly important person in the lives of many New Yorkers, including myself. I am dying with curiousity to know something about what life has been like for you in the 25 years or so since we saw each other, and I'm certain others here would love to know also. Somebody posted earlier in the thread that you were running a shop somewhere in Florida. Is this true?

I've been with God knows how many providers since I last saw you and am presently married to one, but none I met is more deeply etched in my memory than yourself. I think I still possess a carved wooden frog that I never got to give you before you dropped out of sight.

In any case, if it's really you, please, please, bring us up to date on your life. I was the writer you knew as Frank Philips.
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