"I will have what she is having."

Either I am turning into a serious pervert or my sexuality has reached a new level!
I guess we all from time to time have explored our sexuality. I had the pretty norm vanilla sex when I was married. When I think about it now--we did all the vanilla kinky things like whip cream, ice, the sexy lingerie, role-playing, blessing every room, table, desk, couch and floor in the house. Did the whole Julia Roberts thing with just a tie on and "How was your day dear?" LOL! I think that we never took it to another level because the both of us were scarred to introduce anything to adventurous to the relationship without the fear of raising a red flag.
But after my divorce—well… a whole new world opened up for me. Last night another new chapter—this shit only happens to me.
I am out of town taking a class for work. They have put us up at a Marriott. I am in one of those rooms that have the locked connecting door. I am getting ready for bed. I hear lovemaking sounds coming from next door. They get louder and louder. The girl and the guy sounded just like a porn movie but better. Porn never did anything for me—I guess because I am the type of gal who feels like why watch it—when you can do it! Anyway she is yelling give it to me and he is yelling Yeah baby, yeah baby and I am thinking to myself—shit I will have whatever she is having! Ok now…I could not see anything they were doing but my ear was against the door and my panties were getting soaking wet. The screams continuously got louder. I pulled up a chair close to the door—Opened my legs and began to pleasure myself to the moans and groans of the man and the woman-they must have fucked for an hour-the louder and more verbal they got--the wetter my pussy became. All of a sudden a floodgate opened and I was so relaxed! It was like I had just finished a day at the spa. OMG. Maybe I have had my first time experience as a verbal voyeur. It was good in a weird kind of way--I hope that I do not bump into either of them in the elevator this morning. I doubt I will be able to keep a straight face.
"Dear Mr. & Ms. Passionate Lovemaking"

I listened last nite w rapt attention as you two engaged in the most vocal sexual congress, and let me be the first on the hallway to say, 'Thank you.' While I listened, I was so turned on that I achieved my own "state of grace" and owe you both a debt of thanks... Please enjoy your breakfast and if you two are up for even more adventure, make your way to the Hotel Bar for a drink and meet me, and maybe we can all join the Smile Hi Club... we do have adjoining rooms after all...
Lady Next Door"
I was waiting to read that you eventually knocked on the connecting door. What a major story that would have been.

(Always happy to read your diaries.)
You guys are too funny-Yes an anonymous Thank you note was in order. I wanted to knock on that door--) LOL!
It is just odd. No matter where I am or who I am with something happens. For example the impromptu Lesbian show with Gia, the nail salon in Vegas that turned out to be the massage parlor-the Mormon girl on the plane who turned out to be a stripper from Vegas who also danced at the club Scores (which is closed). The girls at the AVV that we partied with in Jan-- who ended up being the Pornstars from Wicked Productions & now the very verbal couple fucking in the room next to me. Those are just some of the adventures that I have had. Honestly I do not plan this stuff--it just happens. OMG! I have to laugh. Then you guys wonder why am I so happy all the time. I guess between my adventures and lot’s of O’s! Well that’s why I walk around with a smile on my face. Haha!
Have a great day!
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