How Often Are You Swallowed?

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Originally posted by justlooking
I've never seen an increased fee attached to an offer of BBFS.
Depends on which side is making the offer. ( i.e. we all know about increased offers from the consumer side for the service ).


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My experiences with bbfs echo JL's. To answer Kimie's question, I have never been swollowed by a prostitute. The times I have been swollowed (and it has been a fair number), I haven't really thought much of the experience, so it's certainly not something I look for. But then, I've never understood this cult of the blowjob. I enjoy them enough, but I'd much rather have intercourse. I see blowjobs more as a foreplay type thing and so I seldom let them go to completion. Still, if a woman were to get me off orally, I'd prefer that she complete the job. What she does with my wasted sperm is up to her, I have about as much attachment to it's destiny as I do to discarded fingernail clippings. I've come cia oral sex maybe four times commercially. In all but one instance the woman's head left too early for my liking. All four times were uncovered. Given my attiututde towards blowjobs in general, it probably comes as no surprise that I consider cbj's a complete waste of everyone's time and usually put an early stop to them when the girl's on the clock.


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no TC, therefore no NQNS

I always save it for the fucking, which I prefer to oral 10 to 1. Also because it helps promote orgasm discipline.


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Well I've had more than 4 (the last thing I want to do is figure out that number).

Yeah it's low, did you read the rest of the post? I'm just not that into bj's.

I know it's perverse, but it's just hard for me to lay back and do nothing. Most of the time I've achieved orgasm through oral sex, the oral sex has been mutual (although never standing). I view sex as an interactive sort of activity, and bj's just don't provide me with the level of interaction that I like.

I share your desire for having sex as an "interactive kind of activity". For me it is almost a turn-off when a provider claims she "knows how to please a man". Try instead "we will have out-of-this-world mind-blowing sex together". With that as a starting point I know we will be cooking.

When you are talking about mutual oral sex I suppose you mean 69 and with the right person it also for me can be a sublime experience. In fact it is hard for me to imagine anything more exquisite than double snowballing. That is of course a rare experience because so few women squirt. But when it does happen and you have shared the goodies, wash it all down with champagne. (Dom Perignon recommended). Whatever is left of the champagne splash it on each other a la winning football coach. Life is good.
i think in my personal life i much prefer intercourse... if it's commercial than probaly a BJ.

i figure there's two reasons.... one physical and one mental aspect.

1) the physical aspect..... is that commercial sex workers i would think by in large provide a better BJ than most non commercial girls i've been with (not to say i haven't had some great head from non sex workers).

2) the mental aspect... maybe a BJ is more a (personal) separation than intercourse. i can't quite explain this one too easily (maybe judge crater can) but, i think there's a lot less guilt in my enjoying a blow job (assuming it's done to completion) from a sex worker who's job it is to see that *I* enjoy myself.... rather than acting like a selfish lover if i overly enjoy the BJ (to completion) given to me by a lover (or GF, wife). usually if i see a provider who i see as great at giving head and who can get me off by just doing that (which isn’t that often)…... i'll often pass on the FS and take another bj.... try explaining that to the wifey after she just swallowed your first load.

(hope that all made sense)


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SB - Come to think of it, Ditto. Although even in a non-commercial setting I don't tend to go till completion.

Oz - I think I get what you're saying. It's just surprising to hear that from another single guy.
basically i think it's easier to lay back and enjoy a nice long bj from a sex worker because i don't feel obligated to roll over and please her at any point or afterwards. this way when i'm done, i can just roll over and take a nap. (so call me selfish... that's probably the main reason i see sex workers)
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