Best Movies About Strippers

Just watched Lap Dance on cable TV (Centric, the first network designed for Black Women). I thought it captured the reality of the backstage goings-on at a strip club quite well, although I don't have any first-hand experience there.

I've also enjoyed
Showgirls - more so for Gina Gershon than Elizabeth Berkley
Striptease - especially for Burt Reynolds comedic turn
Closer - Natalie Portman was smokin' hot in that
Afternoon Delight - Juno Temple was delightful

Anyway, this got me wondering what stripper movies you guys like. So, list your faves.

One absolute rule - No mention at all of Magic Mike or that Channing character.

Slinky Bender

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Not a movie, just a video, but Mos Def - Sex, Love & Money. The first time I saw it by 2:27 I realized I'm a whiner about not getting enough sex because I had been with every girl in the video - and that didn't change by the end of the video.
That video was DOPE classic stuff right there never saw that one before thanks for sharing! Made my morning yeah ready for this holiday weekend now that I have my theme music lol awesome.

Mr. Wiggley

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Not a movie about a stripper but thought maybe this was a good placeto put this. Alex Harper....OMFG
Ass and legs that make you cry