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Peep Land ... Live Girls

That would be the 7th ave one, not the 42nd. Was this before or after they shut down the 42nd one? (where the stages where in the basement)
Yes, 7th Ave & 47th or 48th (Right around the corner from Sam Ash). When you walked in on the 1st floor, and went past the videos & toys, the token counter was to the right of the stairs, and there were video booths to the left.

I don't know if you noticed, but in the video booth area, on the wall, was a cork board with 4x6 and 5x7 photo prints of the girls ... and at least one pic I remember was of one of the blondes on her knees sucking cock.

I may have gone to the one on 42nd ... I know that there was a video store on 42nd between 7th & 6th that had a back-room area ... but that one may have been called "Peep-O-Rama." I went there a couple of times ... never ventured into the back-room ... and I regret that.

"Men's room. For pissing only."
Remember that? Was happy they transported it to the 7th ave location after 42nd shut down.
I remember that, on the 2nd floor, when you made your way to the back ... beyond the red booths ... all the way to the plexiglass enclosure where the hot brunette Brazilian chick did her thing ... there was a BIG guy standing at the podium for the "VIP Room" (as the hand-written magic marker sign indicated).

I never did the VIP thing (Another regret).

Ever been in there?

How much was it to get VIP'd?

I'd imagine that everything was on the table for negotiation.

Ahhhhhhhh the memories.
Best relaxation

Used to know this provider over at 43rd and 2-3rd ave, Tina, that used to do BBBJ and BBFS if she got comfortable with you... She was really into it. SHe'd start off slow but once you got to know her- watch out! One time she got so horny she let me literally grabbed my ass and shoved me into her.... The first time I was alittle shocked, but I didn't let that stop me, I kept on going! About 3 min later I poppped so hard I thought I was going to split a vein! It was the hottest session I ever had with anyone.
I was offered bbfs with some asian massage parlors. Usually I would only get a hj or bj offered. However, once in awhile I was offered bbfs. I asked if they had a condom and they said no, so I never participated in these services.
Many years ago, I knew a nurse who worked in one of the local hospitals-ICU unit. There was a patient who was a police officer. She eventually died of pneumonia. That was the secondary cause. She was sleeping around with some of the cops in her precinct, including the married ones. What they did not know was that she really died from a primary cause-aids. The nurse was prohibited by law from saying what she really died of. Imagine all these cops going home to their wives and significant others. It scared me straight enough to go back to condoms and that was in the 80's
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