Happy To Be Back

Good Day everyone, long time no post. I believe this will be my 3rd account (prior 2 deleted when in relationships/dealing with life) and I like how this place has changed over the years. I've been mongering for around a decade now across LINY, NJ, CT and PA with this site as a great resource to avoid getting scammed/stabbed (successful since 2010-12ish).

I'm refreshing myself on the rules and figured an (re)intro post was the polite thing to do. I do plan on sitting down over the next few weeks and compiling some of my prior encounters into some decent reviews (as applicable). Many of my prior "encounterees" are still active in the life style and I'd love to extend the opportunity for some of the fellow brothers/sisters/theybies to partake in the GOOD ones.

It's good to see some familiar names here too! It's always comforting to be surrounded by your fellow Perverts at Arms ;)