AMP Mongering Rules

This is badly needed as many just do not know how to behave when going to an AMP.

1. When entering an AMP do not be loud and obnoxious! Other mongers are doing their business and this ruins the mood.

2. If your girl is with another monger ... make arrangements with mamasan or whomever else is there. DO NOT WHINE AND GET LOUD (See rule #1)

3. If you agree to a price please stick to that price and don't give her another $100 because you want to be nice. There is being nice and there is ruining the price structure for everyone else.

4. DO NOT draw attention to the establishment by fighting/arguing with neighbors.

5. If you don't like the service .. then you are free not to tip, write a bad review and then leave and never return. DO NOT pee on the floor, cum on the walls, or do anything else which may ruin another mongers activity later in the day.

6. If the girl is doing a bad job, giving bad service in any way, or smells bad ... please tell mamasan. SHe will get rid of the bad ones or get them straightened out.

I am sure I am forgetting some and maybe there is another list here ... but hey ... why not get something updated and have some collaboration.
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Right on steve. I wish I can get Mamason(troll) to stop saying my name so loud and making a fuss over me when I leave. Sorry guys...LOL.The location behind the Chinese restaurant is my favorite